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Mary Tanner

Master Stylist

Mary grew up in admiration of her uncle, a master cosmetologist. He owned his own salon and she would frequent the styling shows and competitions he partook in. The world of hair and beauty enthralled Mary, and she decided to pursue her own career in the industry. After quickly achieving the status of Master Stylist, she focused on hair coloring as her specialty. Between owning her own salon, Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio, and collaborating with her four sisters who are salon owners themselves, Mary became no stranger to providing the best service possible to her clientele.

After moving to Florida, she was thrilled at the chance to start fresh with a new client base and salon home all over again. Mary looks forward every day to using her skills and knowledge to create trust between her clients and herself. She cannot wait to give you the best look possible!

To schedule an appointment with Mary, please call (813) 727-2691

Mary Tanner
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